Monday, May 18, 2015

A wanna-be camper.....Breakfast on the grill

I haven't camped out in a couple of decades, but that doesn't mean I don't like the "feel" of the great outdoors.  These days the closest I come to camping is cooking and grilling in my own backyard.  I have recently acquired a new found love of cooking non traditional "grilled" meals on my grill.  It drives my cats crazy, but I sure do enjoy it.  Today I took an old recipe of mine, "Breakfast in a Skillet", and made it on the grill.  The only thing I changed is I shredded my potatoes and made hash browns as the base instead of the potato rounds I normally make.  So here's a look see at what went down.

Ingredients you will need:
4 med. russet potatoes, washed and shredded
1 lb. breakfast sausage
1 jalapeno, diced
1 fresno pepper, diced
1 small sweet onion, diced
12 eggs
1-2 cup shredded cheese
Olive oil, Criso, salt & pepper
Two grill proof skillets, I use cast iron

I started by washing and shredding four medium russet potatoes.  I soaked them in water for about 1 1/2 hrs.  You want to be sure and soak them at least one hour, it helps remove a lot of the starch and they don't turn out all mushy.  Then I rinsed them well and placed them on paper towels, and then patted them dry.  Next I put them in a bowl and drizzled them generously with olive oil and salt and peppered them.  I used Crisco to rub on the bottom and sides of my 12" cast iron skillet.

For the sausage:  I placed the sausage, onions and peppers in another skillet and cooked them until the sausage was brown. Then I turned that side of the heat off and let them sit until I needed them.

For the hash browns:  I put the 12" skillet on the grill over medium heat and let it get fairly hot. Then I dumped the potatoes in and patted them out on the bottom. At this point I turned the heat to low and let them cook (lid closed) for about 30 minutes, until I could put my spatula under them and they did not stick to the pan, then I flipped them.

Adding the sausage and eggs:  Next I added the sausage and peppers on top, then I poured the eggs in.  I continued to cook over low heat, with the lid closed for about another twenty minutes, checking on them a couple of times.  

Once the eggs firmed up I was ready to add the cheese and turn off the heat.

I left the skillet on the grill (no heat) with lid closed for a few minutes till the cheese melted.  At this point it was time to go back inside under the A/C and my "camping" experience was complete.  I allowed the dish to cool to room temp, loosened the sides and lifted it up with the spatula and slid it out onto a cutting board and sliced it like a pizza.  I love serving egg dishes with tomatilla salsa, I am also a fan of red salsa, but I think the green salsa just screams "eat me with eggs"!

Below is a link to this dish with potato rounds as a base, done in the stove top/oven.  I've made is so many times I can't count.  What I love about this dish is you can use any type of meat, as long as it's precooked, any type of veggies, or none at all, and any type of melting cheese.  Let your imagination be your guide.  Enjoy!