Sunday, August 24, 2014

A day in the life of a smoked roast......

Ah, so my Saturday morning begins, anticipating the sun rising and the glorious smell of 
hickory smoke wafting through the air as I commence on my morning chores.  Todays cook is going to be Chuck roast.

So lets go back to the beginning.  Yesterday I found some beautiful chuck roasts for a lovely price, so I picked up a few not knowing exactly what I would be using them for. Well that didn't last long, on the short drive home from the store I knew I would be smoking two of them for some scrumptious meals later in the week.  Having my cabinet full of spices on top of spices, most everything under the sun, I had to decide on what flavor profile I would be using, knowing I needed something that would compliment the smoke flavor of the hickory wood, I decided on Tatonka Dust. So before I went to bed I sprinkled a generous amount on each side, rubbed them down, and put them in the fridge for a long nights sleep.

What is Tatonka Dust you ask?  Well taken right from the source since I can't described it any better myself:

"Tatonka Dust has a unique flavor-it is Worcestershire powder, soy sauce powder, and a charcoal seasoning base mixed with onion, garlics, peppers, salts, and some other secret spices that blend together perfectly for that one of a kind flavor".

I like to use charcoal to start my fire, then add wood that I have soaked overnight in water. The soaking of the wood helps to keep it from burning up too fast and it gives you more smoke than dry wood does. Todays goal is to keep the smoker right around 225° Mmmmm, the smell is intoxicating!

 After smoking these beauties for about 3 hrs I wrap them in foil and let them continue to cook on the smoker.  For this particular cook, I'm wanting a super tender, pull apart roast, so I will continue to cook until internal temp reaches 190-195°

Mission accomplished!  I always love the reveal, anticipating what the final product will look like, will taste like, and rarely am I disappointed, today being no exception.  A juicy, fork tender roast with just the right amount of hickory flavor and seasoning, sure glad I smoked two of these babies, they came out just perfect.

So next time you fire up that smoker, show a Chuck roast a little love, and try some Tatonka dust, we just love it!


  1. Love this, just a delicious post. So glad I found you again!!

  2. Ah thank you sweetie, good to be back lol